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Moving to Seattle?
7 Things You Must Know

A 'Pay It Forward' Startup Launches In Seattle

On the list of most stressful events in a person’s life, moving is near the top. Finding housing, starting a new job or school, becoming familiar with a new neighborhood, and unloading all of those boxes adds up to a huge undertaking. Throw the challenge of making friends into the mix and it can be seriously overwhelming. [Read More]

Press Release: A 'pay it forward' startup triggers a wave of kindness in the US

A 'Pay It Forward' Startup Launches In Seattle

Chummy startup launches in Seattle with a free social app for kind people providing the simplest way to ask for help and pay it forward. [Read More]

How to Find Help When You Need It

How to find help when you need It

Overwhelmed with errands? Unsure how to assemble that new piece of furniture? Need a hand with picking up your lunch, dinner, groceries or small supplies? No matter what your need is, there are always ways to get help. [Read More]

6 Ways Helping Others Gives You Superpowers

6 ways helping others gives you superpowers

“To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.”
~ Dr. Seuss

Consider the demure smile of Mona Lisa, the broad grin of Will Smith, and the toothy, all-encompassing smile that Julia Roberts dons. Politicians and movie stars have mastered the art of smiling-under-any-circumstances. Yet why is smiling so important?

Quite simply, because it brings us joy. [Read More]

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