- Seattle, August 2018, Alana Armstrong

Partnering With Doobert: Passion For Animals

Doobert - animal rescue made simple

When you need a ride you call a taxi or maybe an Uber. But when an animal needs a ride from an overcrowded shelter to their forever home who can they call?

There’s an app for that, frankly! We are happy to announce our partnership so that you can become a part of that volunteer rideshare community that is saving animals.

Doobert is an app and website built BY animal rescuers, FOR animal rescuers. If you are one those (or ever dreamed about to become the one) you can easily sign-up to help with transports across town or across the country to help get animals where they need to go.

Launched in 2014 by Chris Roy (an IT manager, part-time pilot and animal enthusiast) Doobert has become an exceptional tool to simplify the difficult task of scheduling animal rescue transport. Nowadays, you simply create your Doobert profile by putting in your zip code and the radius to be notified for animal rescue transports. Animal rescues and shelters post the transport requests through Doobert and the software uses your profile to determine if you can help. If you do it automatically sends you notifications so you can “opt-in” to be a part of the real volunteer relay.

Doobert connects animal rescue volunteers with professional animal rescues and shelters in multiple ways:
• “Transport” - for drivers, pilots, airline employees;
• “Foster Homes” - for emergency, overnight and longer terms;
• “Lost Pet Support” - for volunteers to receive alerts, post/search, and help reunite.

“Doobert is a wonderful facilitator,” says one of their volunteers. “Their scheduling and communication platform are very helpful and make the transports efficient. Great tool for doing important work!”

“I found Doobert a couple months ago and through that site was able to start transporting these sweet babies for a rescue group. Just finished my 3rd transport and have another lined up. It's so easy and soooooooooooooo rewarding to know I'm making a difference in a puppy's life,” remarked another amazing volunteer.

Doobert continues to grow and welcomes volunteers and organizations alike to sign-up for free at https://www.doobert.com/. Their motto is “together we can save more animals” and as Chummy’s “partner in kindness” they are proud to support your passion to pay-it-forward.

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