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How to Find Help When You Need It

How to find help when you need It

Overwhelmed with errands? Unsure how to assemble that new piece of furniture? Need a hand with picking up your lunch, dinner, groceries or small supplies? No matter what your need is, there are always ways to get help.

There are usually three major challenges that we face when we need help or assistance.

1. Lack of Approachable People

It’s hard knowing who to ask for help or when to ask. It’s as though we expect someone to give us permission before we can approach them.

Here’s something to chew on. Most of us can be confident in asking every fourth person that we interact with for help. On average, we interact with 24 people daily. That means there are six people who might help us on any given day.

Good odds, but not great.

2. Uncertainty

Does this sound familiar? You feel overwhelmed by the prospect of doing a specific chore, running an errand, or finishing a task. Instead of asking for help, you let doubt creep in.

Why would those strangers even would agree to help me? What if they deny my plea or even poke fun of me? Will they think I am weak? What if my request is rejected?

Instead of just asking, you struggle on your own. And feel lousy.

3. Insecurity

Yet even if we pass the barrier of uncertainty and find a person to ask for help, insecurity lurches forward.

Like: “Does he really wish to help? Won’t she take advantage of my situation? Will I be charged unexpectedly? Will I owe that person something? Can he be trusted?”

The struggle is real.

LIFEHACK: Asking someone specific for help will often yield better results. For instance, if you’re having a heart attack on the sidewalk, it is better to look at someone directly and ask for that person’s help instead of just yelling out that you need help.

How to Get Help Without the Sweat

Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. See, Chummy is a pretty swag kind of app that helps you overcome these obstacles. After analyzing the behaviors of our initial 61k+ beta users, this is what we figured out:

Chummy statistics 2016, user stats

- In every major city, there are approximately 63% of millennials (25-35yo) who are kind at heart and wouldn’t mind giving help if asked by strangers;

- Men and women are almost equally kind and approachable, as Chummy shows 53% of male users and 47% female.

- There are two major reasons why people join Chummy: to help and be helped. Remarkably, 9 out of 10 users installed the Chummy app out of a desire to help others.

- 16% of users post Pins-for-Help on a monthly basis and 6% of users make them daily. This is impressive given the 1% Rule of the Internet.

- 94% of Pin-for-Help requests are answered.

When using the Chummy app, it’s super easy to check out other users’ reputation so you see what kind of offers they’ve helped with and read stories about their kindness. You can also feel assured that the person who arrives to help is really who they say they are; after all, Chummy only allows registrations through Facebook.

Ready to join the 61,000+ people around the world who are making a difference each day? Interested in finding help for whatever you need? Here’s how:

1. Download the free Chummy app from the AppStore or GooglePlay.

2. Click on Make-a-Pin.

3. Select a category for your pin.

4. Type a request.

5. Relax and pay it forward.

Tips and Hints:

• All Pin-for-Help requests are organized in categories. But don’t sweat it if you didn’t find the proper category for your unique need – you can always select “Miscellaneous” or “Local Chit-Chat.”

• Try to be specific to get a swift response. If you have a specific criterion of the person you’re looking for help from, please mention that too. The more details you list, the more likely other Chummies can fulfill your request.

• You will receive a notification when people respond to your pin. Just choose the chum you want to have lend you a hand.

Making new friends and chums

Well, that’s easy, isn’t it?

All we hope is that you pay it forward.

Chummy, where being kind is expected ❤

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