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Moving to Seattle?
7 Things You Must Know

Moving to Seattle? 7 Things You Must Know

On the list of most stressful events in a person’s life, moving is near the top. Finding housing, starting a new job or school, becoming familiar with a new neighborhood, and unloading all of those boxes adds up to a huge undertaking. Throw the challenge of making friends into the mix and it can be seriously overwhelming.

Seattle is a city unlike any other. Tucked between the Olympic and Cascade Mountains, stretching along the shores of the Puget Sound and Lake Washington, its natural beauty enthralls many Millennials who come for a visit. The reasons for making SeaTown home are as varied as the colors of hair you’ll notice when shuffling to and fro, yet some aspects seem to resonate: quaint coffee shops, a casual and accepting vibe toward everyone, and opportunities for nearly every sports activity imaginable.

Of course, there are some aspects that many newcomers struggle with as they move to the area. The gloomy weather and challenge making friends tend to top the list. That’s why we’ve developed this article -- our version of a welcome mat – so that you land in the Emerald City with confidence. Here are seven must-know facts that will help usher in a successful move to Seattle.

Seattle Booming Job Market

We Have a Booming Job Market

The Seattle area’s job market is one of the strongest in the country. In 2016, we saw a 3 percent increase in available jobs, which puts us near the very top of employment opportunities for large metropolitan areas. While we’re known for our high-tech and professional markets (hello, Amazon and Microsoft!), don’t be afraid to branch out. Plenty of other industries are thriving in the greater Seattle area as well, such as startups, construction, healthcare and marketing.

Disneyland for Dogs

Seattle is Disneyland for Dogs

If you’re pooch-adverse, you may have a hard time finding company in this city. As locals will proudly announce, there are officially more dogs in Seattle than there are children (153,000 dogs to 107,178 kids, for those keeping track). And we take our doggy playtime seriously. There are 14 off-leash dog parks in the area with more projected in the near future.

Pot is Legal

Pot is Legal

Yes, residents are allowed to smoke marijuana in Washington State. Evidence of this can be found in the endless stream of pot shops zigzagging through town, as well as the occasional whiff caught by passerby. While it’s illegal to smoke marijuana in public, many partake, especially during many of the eclectic music festivals that dot our calendars.

Seattle Rain Endearing

We Find the Rain Endearing… Kind Of

As everyone knows, there is a lot of rain here. If you aren’t prepared for a gloomy forecast, it may take you by surprise how real the rumors are. To be sure, local weather forecasters have a whole litany of synonyms to describe the conditions: drizzle, mist, downpour, rain, sprinkles, and showers.

The Seattle Chill

The Seattle Chill (and We Aren’t Referring to Weather)

Perhaps you’ve heard how difficult it can be to make friends in Seattle. Arrivals from areas with greater hospitality often remark about our lack of neighborliness. It’s true that the average Seattleite tends to be more reserved, thereby less likely to strike up a conversation with a stranger. However, we really are warm and accepting of darn near everyone over a mug of coffee or cup of warm tea.


The Best Way to Ask for Help and Make New Friends in Seattle

Before you let the Seattle chill keep you holed up in your new apartment alone, we propose a solution. The super friendly social media/networking app Chummy will help you connect with others in your new community. It serves three distinct purposes: helping you connect with others in your new community, helping you acquire help when and where you need it, and helping you be a rockstar for other people who also need a helping hand.

People who login to the app (utterly free!) can connect with others in two ways: through Pins-for-Help and through Paying-it-Forward. Let’s say you’d like some assistance unloading those heavy moving boxes or want to know of a good late-night diner for after the move. Sign in to Chummy, post a Pin-for-Help and be amazed by the speed with which someone offers assistance. Then, when you’re ready to Pay-it-Forward, check out other people’s requests and help fulfill them. By doing so, you not only encourage a community of giving, but you meet other people in your new area.

Join Chummy today and find yourself connected with an amazing community in your new hometown ❤

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