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Gone are the days when we borrowed a cup of sugar from the neighbor, but Chummy is bringing back the power of human kindness. Whether you need a hand or feel like helping a friend in the city — Chummy is here for You. Like the Bat Signal in the real world, we unite caring individuals who enjoy paying it forward and make the world a better place. Literally.

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Install Chummy

It’s easy! Just install Chummy from the AppStore or GooglePlay. No fees, no ads, no gimmicks.

ask for help
Ask For Help

Whether you need a hand, good advice or friendly assistance from caring people from your city – just pin your Help Signal on the city map.

pay it forward
Pay It Forward

Explore the map of your city, choose a Help Signal that you like, and pay it forward. This city needs a hero 😀

make true chums
Make True Chums

A friend in need is a chum indeed. Discover, meet, share and hang out with like-minded, kind people in your city ❤️

Most Popular Help Requests on Chummy

Get hints on the most popular “I need help with…” requests in the United States:

Help with home, house, apartments
Help with my home

• Moving and packing help • Home repairs • Cleaning service nearby • IKEA shopping survival together • Apartments for rent wanted • Roommate wanted • Furniture and appliances wanted or giving away

Help with pet, dog, cat, puppy
Help with my pet

• Finding your lost pet • Dog walking • Pet for adoption • Help with pet sitting • Veterinary nearby • Pet store nearby • Pet training advice • Walking your dog together • Pet carrier and supplies wanted or sharing

Help with kids, babysitting
Help with my kids

• Babysitter and nanny nearby • Tutoring • Pediatrician nearby • Playgrounds nearby • Hospital in the city to give birth • Children's event organizing • Baby or kids items wanted or giving away

Help with vehicle, car, motorcycle
Help with my vehicle

• Car and motorcycle buying and selling help • Car and motorcycle repair help • Auto parts wanted • Auto repair advice • Car dealer nearby • Car washes nearby • Mechanic nearby • Parking lots nearby • Partner to ride

Help with healthcare, anxiety, depression
Help with my healthcare

• Anxiety and depression help • Doctor help • Nurse help • Doctor nearby • Dentist nearby • Health insurance • Nursing home care in the city • Pharmacy nearby • Psychologist in the city

Help with workout and diet
Help with my workout and diet

• Bike repair help • Trainer help • Bike shop nearby • Diet and nutrition advice • Gym nearby • Sporting goods nearby • Trails to run nearby • Working out together • Yoga nearby • Running together

Help with beauty
Help with my beauty

• Beauty supply store nearby • Barber shop nearby • Tattoo artists help • Barber help • Hair stylist help • Spa nearby • Beauty advice • Hair salons nearby • Nail salon nearby • Piercing places nearby

Help with food and entertainment
Help with food and entertainment

• Local off-line guide help • Bar and clubs nearby • Fun places to go nearby • Good food nearby • Movie theatres nearby • Shopping mall nearby • Vacation rentals nearby • Traveling companion • Playing video games

Help with hobbies and crafts
Help with my hobbies and crafts

• Hobby and craft assistance • Need an idea • Need a feedback • Crafts and hobby shops nearby • Professional advice needed • Mentor wanted • Hobby and craft supplies wanted or giving away

Help with job and education
Help with my job and education

• Help with finding a job or an employee • Help with internship • Help with studies • Help with learning a language • Student loan • Help with your job • College recommendations • Course recommendations • Job advice

Help with tech, computer, pc, mac
Help with my tech

• Computer and technology repair help • Phone and gadget repair service nearby • PC and MAC repair nearby • Components wanted or giving away • Computer or laptop wanted or giving away

Help with volunteering, charity
Help with volunteering

• Animal and children's volunteer wanted • Community service volunteer wanted • Education and healthcare volunteer wanted • Eco volunteer • Community service ideas • Volunteering opportunities nearby

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